Postdoctoral Associate

Nima Kazemi is a Postdoctoral Associate at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistic. Since he joined MIT he has been leading specialized courses such as GCx for MIT Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (GCLOG) and SC0x (Supply Chain Analytics) for SCM residential program. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Inventory Management from University of Malaya, Malaysia.  He worked there as a research assistant at the Center for Product Design and Manufacturing. Prior to his Ph.D., he worked for about four years in the supply chain department of Renault, one of the leading car manufacturers in the world.

Dr. Kazemi’s research studies have primarily been focused on developing decision support models to solve problems in different areas of supply chain management. His research studies mainly fall into the areas such as inventory management, sourcing decision and strategies, human factors and knowledge transfer and sustainable supply chain management. He is currently collaborating with Dr. Bruce Arntzen on the research initiative “recession readiness of supply chains”, which aims at examining the readiness of supply chains of US small to medium manufacturing firms to withstand recessions.

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