Postdoctoral Associate

Ozgu Turgut is Postdoc Associate at MIT CTL. Previously, she worked for Ann Arbor, MI based software company Llamasoft, Inc. whose main product is one of the well-known supply chain (SC) design tools, as a research scientist for three years. During this time she developed and implemented algorithms, applied novel customizations to the generic tool in order to solve SC optimization problems for big scale projects of various companies around the world. She has more than four years of experience as a teaching assistant in US and Turkey. During this time, she tutored and supported probability, statistics, simulation and operations research courses. Meanwhile, she continued to prepare simulation and scheduling based projects as outsourced consultant to consulting companies. She has made several presentations in conferences, math workshops. Dr. Turgut holds a BS and a MSc. degree from Bosporus University and Yeditepe University of Turkey respectively; and a PhD from Wayne State University, US in industrial and systems engineering fields.

Ozgu Turgut

Cambridge, MA 02139
United States